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Imagination, free play, nature

  • The children are embraced in the natural home-based environment, where they can develop skills.​

  • The children can explore the environment with the security that the caregivers will meet their emotional and physical needs based on the Secure Attachment theory.​

  • The program is community-based.  Blossom provides  Seasoning Festivals, Birthday Celebrations, and calm pickup up when parents can enjoy our environment while talking to each other.

  • Nature-based program with free outdoor play, no chemical products. Natural handmade toys.​

  • Aesthetic domain environment, children are surrounded by a calm and organized place that provides an inner sense of warmth, peace, and beauty. ​

  •  We strive daily to offer a truthful, beautiful, and lovely place where children can grow their abilities with happiness respecting nature and each other.

IMG_3690 2.jpg
Blossom's Sleeproom

Do you have questions about Waldorf Education?

Are you considering about Waldorf, but you aren't sure it is right for your child ? 

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